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Rate-My-Team Forum Rules Empty Rate-My-Team Forum Rules

Post by FerretFox41 on Tue Jun 22, 2010 11:22 pm

Official RMT Forum Rules
First off, I'm going to start off by saying this: All of the Battle Frontier Forum rules immediately apply in this forum. No questions asked.

-Inside your RMT, you must have all six Pokemon in your team. No incomplete teams can be posted.
-No "Make My Team" Threads. This basically means, no threads requesting that people make your team for you based around a certain Pokemon, or such.
-Your sets must include EVs, an item, abilities (if necessary), natures, and 4 moves. A basic set would be:

Insert Pokemon Name @ Insert Item
Insert Nature (+Stat Nature Raises, -Stat Nature Lowers)
EVs: Insert EVs
Ability: Insert Ability
~Move 1
~Move 2
~Move 3
~Move 4

-Each Pokemon on your team must have at least two lines of description. This explains what the Pokemon does on your team, why you have it, etc.
-Use proper grammar in your RMT. No 1337 5p34k, use capital letters, etc. If your RMT does not have proper grammar, people can't read it, and thus can't rate your team.
-You do not have to, but you may use Sprites and/or other images. You can get pictures from many different places, there's no excuse for not using them.

-Explain your rates. Don't just say "ur weak to mixmence", explain why they are weak to MixMence, and give them a possible check to it.
-Be specific! If they're weak to Blissey, tell them. Suggest a counter, such as Life Orb Infernape with Close Combat. Explain what they're losing without having this Pokemon.
-Make sure you actually know what you're saying. Do not tell someone that they're weak to Skarmory if they have both a MixApe and a Heatran on their team.
-No rating teams on a scale of 1-10, or 1-5, or any scale of such. Tell them what's good and what's bad about their team.

Also, be creative! This is your RMT page, make it wonderfully colorful, filled with pictures, express yourself! Express your team! A fantastically decorated page will lure people in more easily. Name your team, give it another reason why people should go to your RMT, rather than the Average Joe's, "This is my uber team." thread.

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