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Very interesting news

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Very interesting news

Post by TheGoldenFerret on Fri Jul 30, 2010 4:17 pm

This new video has come to my attention and i felt like i needed to show it here.

Okay, so a couple points i'd like to point out during this video (also some info from serebii to translate some japanese stuff)

- One thing i found interesting is that it appears you can have random battles and trades anywhere on the field with the c-gear feature... now i don't know to well how c-gear works in terms of who the people are and how they meet (be friends or totally random people)

-tsutaja, pokabu and manaboo (luvdisc guy) all have new moves.
manamboo has soak (i belive the effect has the same effect as what the damp ability does)
tsutaja has grass oath
pokabu has fire oath
this leads me to belive that mijumaru has water oath

-Theres this nice little feature called pokemon musical where it appears you dress up your pokemon and they put on a show, kind of a nice side thing, like dressing up pokemon and stuff... now i don't know how the musical is controlled, weather it's just a video, or you can make them dance yourself

-apparently there is a new team called team plasma (fire lighting... makes sence, though the name is a bit frilly, my only hope is that it's slightly changed during the us release though i doubt it) they seem to dress up as nights, i don't have a problem with that, they're not fruit baskets like team galatic, but it's new, kinda didn't want to see a thug organization again anyway.

-also it appears that there will be wild double battles... i'm looking forward to this, now i don't know if it's random like that, or it's area orientated

-ALSO i'm really psyched about this, ingame seasons... that looks good, i hope it's as good as like animal crossing were it goes by the clock, but this seems to be my favortite part of this news, next to battling anywhere

-oh three new pokemon were shown in this video
the first one shown was an anonymous pokemon, it has no name what so ever, it was only shown for a brief second and that was on the poster for the pokemon musical. it seems to be this stork pokemon... i'd kind of laugh if it had the ability to breed with any pokemon like a ditto....

The next pokemon serebii shows in order of apperence is shikijika, a pokemon that i thought to resemble a stantler and a skymin, nothing really important is shown but yeah, looks promising.

last one is another rodent... sad to say, i'm kinda sick of rodents but that's just me, his name is miruhuggu and it seems to evolve from minezumi, that one pokemon with you first, nothing is shown except that you can meet it in double wild battles.

also, i'm not sure if it's the same in this game but i'd like to know if you can throw a pokeball during wild doubles.

-Lastly, triple rotation battles, i'm sure most of you who see this will go... wha? the first time, but let me clerify the difference from a regular triple battle. it's styled the same way as a single battle, the only difference is that three pokemon are on the field at one, and you can only attack the pokemon that's presently up, Edit: switching out wastes a turn like normally switching out. Reviewing the tripple battle i learn that you can switch out and attack at the same time and i guess higher speed switches out first, not having first priority in battle, though it's still in the air and it can also very well mean that turns go one side at a time.

well that's it that i want to point out, point out any question you might have about the video and i'll do my best to answer it.


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Re: Very interesting news

Post by DarkSlayer795 on Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:37 am

Cannot wait to get this.

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