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Post by TheGoldenFerret on Sun Aug 01, 2010 1:08 am

Okay i lied, not really news BUT....

i have some typing speculation! YAY

okay this is just a thread to guess the new starters typs

i have good reasons to belive two of the three are true

Tsutaja, long ago this snake pokemon was given a movie outside it's typing this move was coil raise your hands if you know what i'm talking about....

the only info i have on coil is that
it's new
tsutaja knows it
and it's a poison types -little bell probobly went off in your head when i said poison type -quail... you know where this reference is from... i hope- -

tsutaja will most likley be poison... also it's a snake... so... not too suprised... (dragon is a possibility... but it has the same chance of it being flying type)

okay for the longest time i wanted to belive mijumaru was ice... i really did... but he's not, after seeing a battle today from pokemon sundat i learned that it is actually fighting type, it's not 100% but it used the move revenge (as far as i know, it had similar animation) though i've seen it survived multiple lighting and grass attack... bulky fighting with good physical attack? seems to good...

finally pokabu... it's a physical attacker that much we can speculate, unfortunatly he gets no love for he's yet to use an attack other then nitro charge and flamethrower... we'll see in do time....

BUT I WANNA HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS.... post your intresting or creative questions in the forum BEEELOOOOOW (kills me for making references)


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Post by Cobthecobbler on Sun Aug 01, 2010 1:37 am

Tsutaja- I refuse to believe he's yet another Grass/Poison.
Mijumaru-Water/Fighting wouldn't really change much as far as weaknesses and resistances go.
Pokabu, well, He's most likely Fire/Ground.

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