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Stall and Steel (and Togekiss!) ~[OU RMT]

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Stall and Steel (and Togekiss!) ~[OU RMT]

Post by ethan06 on Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:23 pm

--First Look--


Hi there, ethan06 here with an RMT that deviates from my normal offensive mindset. This team originated from one of my other teams, actually, from this great stall core comprised of Rotom, Tentacruel and Skarmory. The other Pokémon are generally there to provide coverage and support, whilst setting up entry hazards as well. In fact, due to Froslass providing Spikes and Zong laying Rocks, all Skarmory has to do is switch in on the odd Rock move, phaze, Taunt things and attack. The types aren't very widely laid out, true, but the weaknesses are well covered.

--Making Of--

Well, first of all, I needed the stall core I'd based the whole thing around: Tenta, Rotom, Skarm. This thing has great synergy all over, Rotom deals with Swampert, who gives problems to Tenta with Earthquake and Skarm with Ice Beam. Tentacruel spins away Rocks and lays Toxic Spikes, allowing Skarm to wall alarmingly well. Finally, Skarmory itself makes great use of these entry hazards by utilising Taunt and Whirlwind to force things out.

Secondly, I needed a lead, and although I had Skarmory I decided that I wanted to try a Froslass because I never had before and it seemed like a good idea.

Non-Explosion Bronzong came into the fray to supply me with Stealth Rock and some more support on the special side. It deals with Ghosts with Payback, especially Gengar, which has an answer to my entire team except for Bronzong, barring Hidden Power [Fire]. Also, Earthquake deals with a hell of a lot of things that would just screw my team over given half the chance (Heatran, Metagross).

At this point, I realised that nothing on my team bar Skarmory had any reliable form of recovery. The first and only thing that cam to mind was Wish, and Jirachi was already off the list and a mile away because it would mean a third Fire weakness, which is not good at all. Togekiss was the best option, so I gave it a defensive spread, a ParaFlincher set with Wish and plonked it at the end of my team.

--The Team--

Froslass @ Focus Sash
Snow Cloak
252 Sp. Atk/252 Spd/4 HP
-Ice Beam
-Ice Shard

Froslass is a lead that I've wanted to use for a while now, just out of curiosity and because I like it. basically Taunt first on anything slower and then just lay as many Spikes as I can before death. Ice Shard may be a rather ...unorthodox... decision, but it works wonders in disposing of Aerodactyl and other frail, fast leads.

Against the top 10 leads, as of July:

1: Ice Beam, then Ice Shard.

2: Not much I can do to this. Usually I go to Skarmory to take the Payback and Brave Bird it.

3: Ice Beam then Ice Shard, no questions asked.

4: I'll usually just start setting up Spikes from turn one. If they have Bullet Punch I'll get two layers up. When Froslass dies, I'll bring in Togekiss or Bronzong to kill it or force it out and then bring in Tenta to Spin the Rocks.

5: See Metagross, but in this situation I always get all three layers up due to the lack of priority. Then I bring in Rotom and pick it off before it becomes trouble.

6: I'll just start setting up Spikes in case of a Scarf variant. If it doesn't U-Turn or Trick, I'll Taunt.

7: Taunt first turn to prevent Rocks going up, and then switch to Tenta or Togekiss to take the Fire Blast and take it out.

8: Always Taunt, no exceptions. I'll normally bring in Tentacruel after Taunting as it can take either of it's moves (within reason) and set up T-Spikes of my own.

9: Taunt first and then Spikes until I go down to Fire Blast. Then to Tenta to Surf it.

10: Taunt and Spikes. lol.

--------------------------------<<<<(page break fail)>>>>--------------------------------

Togekiss @ Leftovers
Serene Grace
252 HP/236 Spd/20 Sp. Def
-Thunder Wave
-Air Slash
-Aura Sphere

Togekiss is my Wish passer and annoyer. Aura Sphere deals with a lot of Pokémon that present a problem to the rest of the team, such as Heatran and opposing Skarmory. Thunder Wave and Air Slash - well, let's just say it's fun to watch them squirm. Wish is for self-healing and team support where it's needed.

--------------------------------<<<<(page break fail)>>>>--------------------------------

Bronzong @ Leftovers
252 HP/92 Sp. Def/84 Atk/80 Def
0 Spd IVs
-Gyro Ball
-Stealth Rock

Bronzong is one of the foundations of this team. While not part of the actual core, it provides a check to Pokémon like ScarfTran, Gengar and the Rotoms that would otherwise steamroller my team with the right choice of move. Payback takes care of Ghosts, and the nature and IV are made to make Bronzong as slow as possible in order to outslow (?) Dusknoir for the boosted Payback.

--------------------------------<<<<(page break fail)>>>>--------------------------------

Rotom-C @ Leftovers
252 HP/168 Def/88 Spd
-Shadow Ball
-Leaf Storm

Rotom-C, the first corner of my three-side core. Will-o-Wisp is great for dealing with the physically based Steels that aren't affected by Toxic Spikes (SCIZOR). Thunderbolt and Shadow Ball are mandatory STAB, and Leaf Storm is my ticket to no-Swampert-ness. The nature and EVs do their job, as does Leftovers. I normally use this as a sort of revenger for Swampert and anything else that manages to take down one of my Pokémon (Froslass).

--------------------------------<<<<(page break fail)>>>>--------------------------------

Tentacruel @ Black Sludge
Clear Body
252 Sp. Def/160 Def/96 Sp. Atk
-Hidden Power
-Toxic Spikes
-Rapid Spin

Tentacruel holds the last entry hazard of the triad and can prevent them from hurting you as well. It's also the only user of a Water-type move on the team, which makes it a valuable asset to Pokémon like Hippowdon and Heatran who otherwise, again, give me problems. Hidden Power [Electric] is for other Waters and Gyarados, although it's just as easy to get Rotom to do it instead as it's physically bulkier. Tentacruel can wall Bulky Waters to oblivion quite quickly with Wish support and T-Spikes.

--------------------------------<<<<(page break fail)>>>>--------------------------------

Skarmory @ Shed Shell
Keen Eye
252 HP/196 Sp. Def/60 Def
-Brave Bird

Skarmory puts the icing on the cake when it comes to walling things out. Brave Bird takes a chunk out of anything not Steel-type, Roost means that Skarm can work independently of Togekiss and Taunt and Whirlwind use the team's entry hazards to their fullest effect.

--------------------------------<<<<(page break fail)>>>>--------------------------------

--Considered changes--

Flamethrower over Aura Sphere on Togekiss to deal with Scizor more reliably.

--Last Look--

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Re: Stall and Steel (and Togekiss!) ~[OU RMT]

Post by ethan06 on Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:56 pm

--Threats List--

Green text means I have little to no trouble with the Pokémon.
Orange text means that I have to play carefully or I'll lose a Pokémon to it before taking it out.
Red text means that this Pokémon is big trouble for my team and should dealt with as quickly as possible.

Froslass Ice Beams and Ice Shards. I've never seen an Aerodactyl out of the lead position.

See Aerodactyl.

Usually I can bring it down between Toxic Spikes and Skarmory's Brave Bird and Taunt.

Skarmory Taunts and Brave Birds.

Rotom Will-o-Wisps and, from there, can wear it down with repeated Thunderbolts.

Rotom and Togekiss both screw it over.

Froslass deals with anti-leads and most others, but once Froslass goes down I normally have to resort to Rotom to wear at it with Will-o-Wisp and T-Bolt.

Rotom Will-o-Wisps then Shadow Balls.

lol. If I ever actually see it, Bronzong takes any hit and Earthquakes.

Bronzong sponges anything and hits back with Earthquake. Tenta sponges anything and hits it with Hidden Power [Electric].

Froslass can normally deal with these if it survives the lead exchange. I normally Will-o-Wisp and hit it as hard as I can with Leaf Storm. With it burned and weakened, it's easy for Tenta or Togekiss to finish it. If I can't burn it, Skarmory can take a few Outrages but once it's gone I have problems.

I'll normally Taunt with Skarmory and wear at it with Brave Bird and Roost. If it Explodes, so what, it's Skarmory.

Bronzong Paybacks. Between Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt and HP [Fire], it gets a super-effective hit on my entire team, so I have to handle this with care.

Skarmory can force a switch with Taunt. Bronzong can wear it down with Gyro Ball and Payback, but I need support for it. Rotom can dent it with Leaf Storm and OHKO if it Roosts. Needs some prediction and a bit of luck to take out easily.

Rotom, nuff said.

It's easy to lure a ScarfTran into using Earth Power or Fire Blast, by which I can then take it out with ease using either Bronzong or Tentacruel. Any other variants can be played around using Tentacruel and Bronzong while I nickel-and-dime it to death with Surf and Earthquake. Normally takes a bit of work.

lol, Skarmory and Togekiss.

Easily dealt with by Skarmory, Bronzong, Rotom and Tentacruel.

Togekiss T-Waves then Air Slashes. Tentacruel takes Fire Blast and Surfs.

Scarf variants can be taken advantage of to get Spikes up. CM variants fail to Bronzong. Togekiss can T-Wave it and finish with Aura Sphere.

lol Bronzong.

Mixed Kingdra is a lot of trouble. Rotom can normally Will-o-Wisp on Dragon Dance variants and wear with Thunderbolt. Specs variants are normally left to Bronzong and Tentacruel. Mixed variants really screw me over, but Skarmory's just a switch away if it Outrages.

Skarmory completely spays it. Bronzong and Togekiss can also screw it over fairly badly.

Anti-leads are a real pain in the rectal vicinity, but they generally aren't hard to deal with. Because Machamp will always Payback against Froslass, it's safe to get Skarm in and Brave Bird it.



Togekiss is normally the best answer to it, as I can hax it down to the KO range for Aura Sphere. On the other hand, though, some Metagross carry Ice Punch, in which case I have to resort to Bronzong who is a shaky counter at best.

Froslass and Skarmory both tear this apart with Ice Beam and Brave Bird, and the whole of the rest of the team has something to hit it super-effectively except Bronzong (unless you count Stealth Rock as a super-effective move). Always, always Taunt.

Froslass can outspeed, Taunt and 2HKO at worst with Ice Beam. If Froslass cannot stand up to another attack, Togekiss finishes it with ease.

Bronzong Payback while taking jack from everything it can throw at me, besides perhaps Overheat. In that case I can switch to Tenta to pick it off with Surf. -2 Thunderbolt isn't worth worrying about.

Burn it and switch in Skarm. God, this team needs a Fire move.

Rotom burns and T-Bolts.

Taunt effectively neuters it. The only moves that they commonly run are ExtremeSpeed and Explosion, so bring in Rotom and kill with Leaf Storm.

Skarmory Taunts and Brave Bird wears it down. It hates T-Spikes.

lol Rotom and Tenta for non-Thunderbolt ones.

Suicune hates T-Spikes. Once it's poisoned, Taunt to neuter CroCune and other defensive Suicune sets, then bring in Tenta to absorb Surfs and HP [Electric] it.

This is Rotom's main function, lol.

Bronzong Earthquakes.

Even if Froslass is gone, repeated Skarmory use will see it go down to repeated Stealth Rock damage and Brave Bird. Rotom can muscle through it with Thunderbolt while resisting it's two main moves.

This thing can doom my entire team with Crunch and Stone Edge. Bronzong is specially defensive so it can't hold up to strong Crunches for too long, but Gyro Ball deals with ScarfTar and Earthquake takes the rest. Very shaky though.

T-Spikes, Taunt and Brave Bird usually shut this down.

Taunt, switch to Rotom, Thunderbolt then Leaf Storm.

Bronzong Gyro Ball and Aura Sphere Togekiss screw this over completely, but Bronzong needs to watch out for Low Kick and Togekiss fears Ice Shard.

Taunt and wear with Ice Beam/Thunderbolt.

Skarmory Brave Bird murders it, as does Stealth Rock, Gyro Ball, Air Slash and Aura Sphere. Toxic Spikes hurts the survivability of SubSeed variants.

Rotom Shadow Ball does a chunk, and Taunt screws over the Dual Screen variants in particular.

Anti-leads die to Ice Beam & Ice Shard.

Unless it's bulky I have to win the speed tie, otherwise I'm fairly screwed. Usually I'll go straight to Rotom and Shadow Ball.

Skarmory, Rotom and Togekiss have a field day against this, in particular Togekiss.

Rotom, Froslass, Togekiss, need more be said?

Bronzong walls BoltBeam variants, Tenta deals with Dark/Fighting combinations. Both have moves that can hit fairly hard while taking little back, just look out for Nasty Plot.

If this thing gets behind a Sub I have Bronzong and nothing else, and Bronzong can't take two +1 Thunderbolts and take out a Sub at the same time. Handle with care.

Bronzong and Tenta all day long.

Rotom works well, but look out for Pursuit.

Stealth Rock, Rotom, Skarmory, Togekiss or any combination of the above easily murder it.

All images shamelessly ripped from Bulbapedia and Dragonfly Cave.

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Re: Stall and Steel (and Togekiss!) ~[OU RMT]

Post by Cobthecobbler on Wed Aug 11, 2010 1:45 pm

Nice Team, Thumbs up for Paraflincher Togekiss! Very Happy

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Re: Stall and Steel (and Togekiss!) ~[OU RMT]

Post by PureInsanity13 on Thu Jun 09, 2011 7:39 pm

wanna see my team??? Cool

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Re: Stall and Steel (and Togekiss!) ~[OU RMT]

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